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The demonstration environment aims to allow innovators to quickly demonstrate technical capabilities to support service redesign in response to our challenges, which have been commissioned by Scottish Government.

What is the demonstration environment? 

The demonstration environment is a purpose built environment that will demonstrate:

  • Service model innovation
  • technical and digital innovation
  • business model innovation

that brings not just technology but service and business models together. To support the physical space the environment will also be virtual supporting access to the whole of Scotland and further afield. 

DHI will host the demonstration environment, with the aim is for national health and care agencies to take the lead as part of an approach to procurement and delivery of digital infrastructure at scale.


What are the demonstrator environment aims?

  • To enhance and accelerate the scalability and route to market potential for many digital products using common infrastructures.
  • To improve interoperability between these digital products, the infrastructures they depend upon and the existing legacy systems within health and care services.
  • To de-risk these new digital infrastructures to support the health and care sector and to follow other sectors in the shift from closed, hierarchical systems to open, distributed systems and standards based data management methods.
  • To support civic problem-owners to remodel care without the constraints currently applied by legacy health are care systems acting in isolation.

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