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#DigiInventorsChallenge Application Guide

Your application to the #DigiInventorsChallenge should describe a new digital solution to help Scotland’s young people keep active and stay both physically and mentally healthy and happy, now and in the future. You should ensure that you have read and understood the #DigiInventorsChallenge Rules

When writing your application, you should answer the following questions as best you can:

What is your idea and how does it work?

We are looking for a description for a brand-new digital idea. Judges will need to understand what your digital idea is and exactly how it will work.

What health and care problem does your idea solve? And why is this important?

Your application should explain what part of health your idea will help with. Make sure you explain why it is important to Scotland. To make sure you get the best score possible your answer should refer to researched facts and numbers to help explain how big the problem is that your idea will help fix.

How does your idea apply digital technology?

The best applications should show how much you understand about the technology your idea is developing or will use. Your idea needs to be realistic as we want to help you make it a reality.

Could your idea be made available to all young people in Scotland? If so, how?

Your application should tell us how you think your idea can be made available to everyone in Scotland. This should include ideas on how you could advertise your idea or what you could do to make it easy for everyone to access your technology.

Why do you think your idea should win?

Your application should explain what you think will make people want to use your idea? And what are the good things your idea can bring to Scotland and the benefits for health and wellbeing of young people?

What do you think your idea needs to make it a reality?

Your application should tell us what you think your team and your idea needs to help it become a reality. What might the next steps be if we were to work with you to make your idea into a business.

Videos, presentations, and images:

When designing your illustrations, PowerPoint presentation, or video, to describe your idea and how it works, you should try to create something that helps the judges clearly understand your idea and how it will work without reading the rest of your application.