Demonstration & Simulation Environment Digital Exchange
Demonstration & Simulation Environment Digital Exchange

Our experience

We have spent the last six years identifying common digital requirements across many services and continuously develop a menu of commercially available systems to satisfy these needs.

We use open platform principles, well recognised standards, and Open APIs to integrate these systems as needed. This has led to a new way of co-designing, developing, and implementing new health and care service models.

Instead of trying to wedge an existing product into a healthcare process, DHI and partners redesign the service and draw on a menu of flexible, generic digital tools to empower the new model of care.

This allows us to respond to urgent and rapid innovation requests with an existing innovation environment, design and prototyping methods, a team who had experience of how to transform a digitally powered idea into a real service, a menu of reusable digital infrastructures and a network of users, clinicians, academics, eHealth teams and industry partners.

Digital Health Strathclyde

Demonstration environment

Our demonstration environment showcases our projects, and the innovations and insights generated by our work. This includes cutting-edge service, technology and business models. Its immersive nature enables visitors to explore and better understand the potential impact of digital innovation in health and care.

Join our network and let us know if you have something to showcase and demonstrate your capabilities!

Asthma Simulation

Simulation environment

Our cloud-based resource, explores new ways of gathering, analysing and using citizen data to support preventative, co-managed and predictive care. It focuses on a whole-system approach by simulating open and dynamic data-sharing approaches and infrastructures, to inform new care models.

We are keen to partner with commercial organisations and integrate your solutions into our secure Exchange Layer. For this to happen you must be:

  1. Able to work with modern APIs and standards such as FHIR
  2. Willing to demonstrate data passing to and from infrastructure provided by other suppliers
  3. Able to offer DHI versions of any connecting app or digital service for demonstration purposes

Work with us to simulate the art of the possible!

As a Scottish based digital health SME, Sitekit has worked closely with DHI since its foundation, partnering on several projects including the DHI demonstration and simulation environments. DHI has uniquely facilitated innovative collaborations, bringing together partnerships that would not have been possible without DHI’s trusted catalyst role.

Elgar Finlay

CEO of Sitekit Solutions

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