Emerging Innovations in Digital Mental Health : A Deeper Dive

22nd June 2022

Emerging Innovations in Digital Mental Health : A Deeper Dive

Government Digital Mental Health programme board in early 2022. The feedback on the report was particularly focused on the further exploration of the four innovation areas identified within the report: This report contains;

  1. Artificial Intelligence,
  2. Virtual Reality,
  3. Gamification, and
  4. Digital Phenotyping.

To better understand these emerging innovations in digital mental health, this report will examine: Who are key organisations, stakeholders etc. that are progressing these fields; What countries are leading this progress; Examples of any case studies; Relevant research literature; and Any further findings of significance.

Methods: The findings of this report were identified through desktop research using standard online search engines, including Google, Google Scholar and PubMed, and through search functions within third party websites identified during the research process. The purpose of this form of research is to identify and present a high-level overview of publicly available information; it does not include any in-depth cost-analyses or a review of technical specifications. A limitation of the methodology used is that all searches are limited to publications released in English, which could have a significant impact on the search results.