DHI Funded Project

TEAMED project (Technology Evaluating And Measuring Emotional Dysregulation)

12th January 2016

TEAMED project (Technology Evaluating And Measuring Emotional Dysregulation)

Emotional dysregulation is a key feature in a variety of conditions. These include brain injury and the dementias, as well as severe and enduring mental health problems such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Medical management predominates but is of limited use in neurological conditions such as acquired brain injury and the dementias. Increased survival rates and longevity mean that these conditions are an increasing public health concern, affecting 11% of the adult population. Treatment of emotional dysregulation must be founded on accurate measurement of emotional state. By increasing awareness of patient mental state, medical staff are enabled to be more supportive and patients can use feedback to better regulate their emotions.

The TEAMED project (Technology Evaluating And Measuring Emotional Dysregulation) developed, integrated and assessedg a variety of technologies to establish a patient’s emotional state. The desired outcome was for patients with emotional problems to receive better care, to achieve a better quality of life, and to self-manage their conditions better.

The project was funded by the Digital Health and Care Institute from November 2015 to August 2016, though further evaluation is ongoing. The collaborators were the University of Stirling (Ken Turner and Evan Magill), Rapport Network CIC (Gary Cornelius) and the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (Brian O'Neill).