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Grant Reilly


1st July 2022


The Power of Data Science and Social Health Care, funded 6 week online CPD course

The University of Strathclyde has a limited number of funded places available from the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), for their Power of Data Science and Social Health Care, 6-week online CPD course. If you are currently living in Scotland and over 25, then you can apply for a funded place. If you are not eligible for a funded place, the course fee is £600.

The course has been designed for students to work through the course material at their own pace, with all course material accessible via our Myplace platform. This will include lecture videos and activities, meaning that you are not required to attend any classes on campus or at specific times. Assessment is in the form of a final assignment which is submitted near the end of the course.

In order to process your application, please complete an application form using the following link: - And choose the CS270 Module.

Application process stages:

  • Stage 1: When you click on the Application link above, you first create an Applicant Account on the University student information system known as Pegasus (you will see various emails referring to Pegasus).
  • Stage 2: Once your Applicant Account is created, you fill in the application. *Please note that our application system only allows you to select one module. If you wish to do more than one of our modules, please let Marilyn Lennon know. The Application refers to Science Upskilling. This is because we have several modules running and Computer & Information Sciences is part of the Science faculty at the University. On the application, you do not need to upload qualifications or references. Once you have completed all the information (no red ticks) please press Submit Application.
  • Stage 3: You will receive an email stating that you have been given an offer to study at Strathclyde. This comes from Admissions. Please log on to your Applicant Account (on Pegasus) and accept the offer. Please do not worry that the start date is September 2021. This refers to the start of the Academic Year; we are in Academic Year 2021/2022.
  • Stage 4: After a few days you will receive two emails, the first from Registration (this will refer to Pre-Registration Access). Follow the instructions in this email. It will include your Pegasus user number and your registration number. Please keep this information as you will need it to access the course material. You will now create your Student Account on Pegasus. You will first confirm your details and be asked to set a password. Once this account has been created, you can now register. Follow the instructions on Pegasus. Again, please make sure you have a note of your Pegasus user number and password.
  • Stage 5: Registration is the final step. There is quite a lot of details to enter here and some of it may seem unnecessary for a short online course. However, we require this information to be able to receive funding from the Scottish Funding Council (SFC). Once you are registered, you need to use your University email address and Pegasus login details. The Pegasus login details will give you access to the University online learning platform called Myplace – you use the Pegasus login details to get onto Myplace and the module.

All course material and instructions will be available on Myplace when the course begins on Monday 18th July.

There are up to 20 places funded as free for NHS/care professionals in Scotland.

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