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3rd October 2022


DHI Funded Master’s Alumni Academic Conference

The DHI are delighted to announce our first ever academic conference for our scholarship funded alumni!

As part of this year’s DigiFest, the DHI will be hosting a full day event (14th December, between 0900-1500) at the University of Strathclyde’s Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) to promote research in digital health and care, to inspire future research and provide networking opportunities to our alumni with peers, academics, policy makers, health and care professionals, and industry representatives.

The spotlight of the event is on YOUR research!

We want to give you the opportunity to attend and showcase your DHI funded Master’s research or any subsequent academic research you may have performed in the field of digital health and care. The conference has two strands: one for posters and one for oral presentations. You can apply for both strands.

To apply for the poster presentation, please, submit a poster abstract (max 300 words); to apply to the oral presentation, please, submit a link to or a copy of short 2 min audio/video presentation in the form found here:

The deadline for Application is October 31st

The applications will be judged by the DHI’s Research and Knowledge Management team, and successful candidates will be contacted via email by November 11th.

All successful presentations will be judged as part of two competitions:

  • The poster competition will be run as an exhibition, where participants will present their poster in public to conference attendees and the competition judges. Successful applicants are asked to prepare a short 3-minute presentation explaining their research. Participants should expect to answer questions from judges and the general audience.
  • Oral presentations will be hosted in the TIC auditorium. The participants will have 10 minutes to present their research to a public audience and can use whatever visual aids they require to support their presentation (e.g., PowerPoint slides). This will be followed by 5-10 minutes Q&A with the Judging Panel.

During the day, a panel of DHI-selected judges will visit every poster and observe each oral presentation. This panel will judge the best poster and the best oral presentation before announcing the winners of each category at the end of the day and awarding each category winner with a prize!

For further information on the event please contact

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