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Grant Reilly


16th October 2020


DHI win 2 Holyrood Connect Awards

The Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI) wins the Rising Star and Industry Collaboration Awards at the Holyrood Connect Awards 2020.

The Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI), applying under its former name, The Digital Health & Care Institute, won two top awards at the coveted Holyrood Connect Awards 2020.

The first award, for Rising Star, was presented to Dr Kate Mark, Clinical Innovation Fellow at DHI.

Kate is a medical doctor training in public health and joined DHI last summer. Kate has quickly become a core member of the DHI team and has led the development of a high-value collaboration with the British Heart Foundation in cardiac rehabilitation. Kate has also developed a public health project focusing on promoting healthy lifestyles to hard to reach groups. This is a unique initiative as it is also seeking to use cryptocurrency as a vehicle for empowering people.

Blending an in-depth medical knowledge in public health with expertise in digital health and care makes Kate a very rare and valuable asset. Her quiet determination, her drive, enthusiasm, and willingness to innovate and challenge the status quo marked her out as an excellent winner of the Rising Star Award.

Our second award was the Industry Collaboration Award, which was presented for our SCOTCAP Evaluation Project.

This award is testament to the collaboration ethos established early by DHI within the Scottish Capsule Programme (SCOTCAP) partnership and a shared vision to improve patient outcomes and drive forward a new innovative community-based model for GI diagnostics.

This project is a fantastic example of what can be achieved by bringing together like-minded and committed partners from across Industry, Enterprise Agencies, Scottish Government, NHS and Academic Partners; fostering their service and technical innovation and procurement expertise to harness new business and service innovation opportunities to address real challenges in the NHS.

The collaboration has worked tirelessly over the last 18-months to develop, design, and deliver a model to drive forward Colon Capsule Endoscopy (CCE) Innovation across NHS Scotland. This included:

  • Executing a large-scale multi-site evaluation of SCOTCAP with North of Scotland Health Boards benefiting over 450 patients, generating qualitative and qualitative evaluation outcomes and a SCOTCAP service model evaluation with recommendations for scalability and implementation at scale
  • Pioneering the creation of Scotland’s first Innovation Partnership procurement contract. This has enabled thus far, commissioning bodies to “partner” and work collaboratively with private sector companies to both develop and test a new service within the community. Significantly, these services are being rolled out across Scotland without the need for a further procurement

As a partnership, led by the DHI, we have worked tirelessly to champion this work and its benefits to services and patients alike, while ensuring real-time evaluation results and evidence is available to immediately steer and inform policy, especially in light of the Covid-19 response.

SCOTCAP was recognised by many to be an ambitious programme of work, testing boundaries, and one which would accelerate point of care diagnostics innovation in Scotland.

SCOTCAP represents the largest examination of the use of CCE for patients with new bowel symptoms across the UK and is fast becoming an exemplar project in terms of accelerating innovation adoption in Scotland and will have wider applicability and learning in terms of developing a robust innovation to scale up the pipeline for NHS Scotland.

A special thanks must be given to our colleagues from Scottish Government, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, NHS National Services Scotland, NHS Highland, NHS Western Isles, NHS Grampian, Medtronic, Corporate Health International, The University of Aberdeen and the University of Strathclyde. If it were not for their commitment and efforts this project success and subsequent award win would not have been possible.

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