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Grant Reilly


28th April 2023


Empowering Unpaid Carers with Digital Solutions: The Collaborative Project in Moray

Revolutionising Support Services for Unpaid Carers: Harnessing the Power of Digital Innovation to Streamline Access and Control

The Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre (DHI) has joined forces with Quarriers and the Health & Social Care Partnership (HSCP) in Moray, to develop innovative digital solutions that will make it easier for unpaid carers to access support services and obtain important information about the person they are caring for. By working together with carers, the team aims to design a digital front door and a Personal Data Store that will empower carers and those they care for to have more control over their support services.

The co-design team has been listening to carers in Moray, who have shared their difficulties in accessing services and the frustration of repeating their information multiple times. Unpaid carers feel a heavy responsibility to ensure that they provide the right support to the person they are caring for, and they want to ensure that they have access to all the right support services. Therefore, they want to share their story only once, and they want the service to find a way of sharing this information and taking the strain away from the carer.

Quarriers Carers service is facilitating carers and DHI working together to simulate and test a Person Data Store that will give the person more control over their information and more control over who they share the information with. This approach will help unpaid carers find a digital solution that makes the gathering and exchange of information less stressful.

This initiative aligns with the National work in progress around a national care Service and will inform future solutions for citizens to collaborate on an equal basis with statutory services. It also supports self-directed support legislation designed to give people more choice and control over the support services they use and the way they use them.

Overall, the collaborative efforts of DHI, Quarriers, and HSCP in Moray are striving to create an empowering and collaborative digital solution that will enable unpaid carers and the people they care for to access the right support services with ease and confidence.

Author: Marlene Harkis - Specialist interest digital health and care.

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