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Grant Reilly


13th April 2023


Invitation to take part in a focus group interview on physical activity at the workplace

The Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre is promoting the following opportunity, as outlined below, on behalf of our partners within All Policies For A Healthy Europe.

FESI, the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry, is asking companies to participate in a focus group interview on physical activity in the workplace.

As part of a European-funded project (Erasmus +), FESA has previously developed the Active Workplace Certification (WAC) which is a European certification for companies who wants to provide physical activities to their employees. Thanks to the certification, a company gets all the resources needed to implement and sustain such initiatives for the health benefits of the employees, and indirectly the company.

Based on the success of the WAC certification, we are now working on a follow-up project, called “Move At Work”, also co-funded by the EU Commission. The aim is to optimize the WAC certification to continue promoting physical activity in the workplace and to better the lives and health of the employees of European companies.

We are currently recruiting participants for this survey where we will explore several companies’ readiness to implement physical activity at their workplace. We are looking for companies that already have physical activity initiatives available for their employees, companies that are interested in implementing such, and companies that do not have the interest or where previous attempts did not become successful.

By participating, you will gain a better understanding of your organization’s barriers and opportunities for implementing physical activity initiatives in your workplace. This is also a possibility to join a wide network of active supporters where you can learn from your peers and familiarize yourself with good practices and success stories that could be transferred to your company. We would like to ask you questions about the certification, your initial thoughts, and your readiness to apply for such. This will help us gain insights into the applicability of our certification and areas of improvement.

You can read more about the certification in our Guidebook here:

The interview will take place online and during working hours (1000-1500 CET) on a normal weekday in April-May (the exact time and date is TBC). You will be interviewed in a group of 3-5 people from different companies of similar sizes. The duration of interview is scheduled to last between 1-1,5 hours. The interview will be conducted in English by a researcher from the project team, and one representative from a national organization will observe the interview and provide clarifications if needed.

If possible, we would like to have a representative of your organization with some kind of relation to health or wellness. This might be a person in Human Resources (HR), Communication, Company Social Responsibility (CSR), or someone in another position who is responsible for the health and wellness of the employees. It can also be an employee with a strong interest in health, physical activity, and well-being. You can forward this email to such a person if preferred.

If you are interested in participating, email us with the size of your company (number of employees) as we will divide our interview focus groups according to their size. Then we will provide you with more details on the time and date for the interview.

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