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Kara Mackenzie


9th March 2021


Health Systems Research Initiative Foundation Grant

To fund research to improve health systems and low and middle income countries

To fund research to improve health systems in low and middle income countries as either an exploratory, stand alone project or pilot/feasibility work that leads to a much larger project in the future.

Projects are sought to generate evidence on;

  • Structure and dynamics of health systems
  • Strengthening and improving health systems for people in LMICs through delivery of evidence based in interventions or structural changes (e.g. governance, management, health workforce, supply chain)
  • Direct relevance to decision makers and practitioners in the field
  • Demonstration of an appreciation of current theories/frameworks in health systems research or other social or political sciences theory of relevance to health systems
  • A particular aspect of health system, demonstration how interventions relate to and affect wider elements of the system.

Value:  Up to £200k

Closing date: 26th May 2021

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