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Kara Mackenzie


5th October 2021

Healthy Ageing

Healthy Ageing Challenge - Designed for Ageing

UK businesses can apply for funding for service-led innovations to support healthy ageing

The UKRI Healthy Ageing Challenge are working with Innovate UK, to invest up to £14.4million in innovation projects.  These will be to deliver a clear game-changing service-led innovation to help people as they age, positively, actively, independently and with dignity.

The aims of this competition are to:

  • address the under-provision of products and services which support people as they age to remain active, independent and socially connected
  • support business-led, near-to-market innovations that have potential to scale
  • enforce good people-centred design principles
  • encourage applications from businesses across the UK, by working with devolved government administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Projects should focus on one or more of the following service-led innovations that:

  • enables self-care and new models of care for independent living
  • encourages sustaining physical activity for people aged 50 and over, including for instance, active travel
  • improves mental health
  • addresses the ‘common complaints’ of ageing, for example, incontinence, pain, mobility, hearing and eyesight

Eligible project costs can be between £500k and £2million.

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