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Kara Mackenzie


9th January 2024


MRC - Funding for early stage development of new healthcare interventions

Funding to generate critical preliminary data to build confidence in the development strategy for a new medicine, repurposed medicine, medical device, diagnostic test, or other medical intervention development.

Value:  £50k - £300k

Closing date:  13th March 2024

You can apply for academically led translational projects that aim to undertake a focused package of work that will bridge the gap between the inception of a new idea and substantive funding through schemes such as the MRC Developmental Pathway Funding Scheme to:

  • help prevent disease
  • help improve speed and accuracy of diagnosis of disease
  • develop new treatments for disease
  • help to improve outcome monitoring of patients receiving treatment
  • help to improve the management of diseases and conditions

All human diseases and medical interventions are eligible for support, both in the context of UK healthcare and addressing global health issues.

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