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Kara Mackenzie


29th August 2022


NIHR - 22/111 - Mechanisms of action of social care interventions

Funding to investigate how social care interventions work, with existing and separately funded studies.

Closing Date: 6th December 2022

Proposals will be accepted across a wide range of social care interventions, including but not limited to:

  • Interventions that support daily or independent living and/or reduce the use of social care services e.g., personal care, home help, housing adaptations;
  • Interventions that support childcare, adoption, fostering, health visitors, safeguarding and child protection;
  • Housing interventions e.g., homelessness, housing help for people who draw on social care;
  • Prison and probation interventions for people who draw on social care;
  • Social prescribing in a non-healthcare setting;
  • Interventions looking at disjointed care, unmet needs, equity of access, financial inclusion in social care;
  • Community based support for children, adolescents and adults with social care needs e.g., youth and community work.

Research should aim to correlate knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours to explain why the intervention does or doesn’t have the expected effect, who the intervention works for and under what circumstances. Research must therefore build on a primary research study which evaluates the effectiveness of the social care intervention by testing hypotheses as to how social care interventions work. This may include the evaluation of interview data, resource utilisation, biological specimens or process evaluation.

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