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Kara Mackenzie


28th September 2020


NIHR - Covid-19 Rapid Response Rolling Call

Rolling Call for proposal for research into Covid-19

Summary: Building on the initial rapid funding round for COVID-19 research, the NIHR and UKRI are holding a rolling call for proposals for research into Covid-19.

  • Virology, immunity and pathophysiology ; Diagnostics ; Epidemiology ; IPC and PPE ; Public health, media and communications ; Clinical Management ; Primary, Adjunctive and Supportive therapies ; Vaccines ; Health & Care Delivery ; Underpinning research.

Eligibility: The call is for UK-led academic, small and medium enterprise (SME) and wider industry research that will address a wide range of COVID-19 knowledge gaps/needs, and which will lead to a benefit in UK, potentially international, public health within 12 months.

Funding: The size of grants will vary according to the needs of each research project, but will need to provide a robust case for value for money.

Closing Date: 31/12/2020

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