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Kara Mackenzie


4th July 2022

Mental Health

NIHR - Interventions to promote mental health and wellbeing among young women

Funding for research into what interventions are effective to promote good mental health and wellbeing among young women aged 12-24.

Closing Date:  29th November 2022

Research areas of interest could include (but are not limited to):

  • Public mental health interventions that focus on prevention of mental ill-health among young women.
  • Evaluations of interventions where the primary focus of the intervention is not necessarily on improving and promoting good mental health but the outcome might impact on wellbeing and mental health (positively and negatively). This could include, for example, gender specific youth projects which support young women living in poverty.
  • Programmes for young women’s mental health that take a whole communities approach. This could include interventions:
  • around settings such as schools, colleges, universities, work places, leisure services and venues, places of worship, community groups and services, health centres, criminal justice services; or
  • focusing on specific population groups such as young women from ethnic minority groups, young women who identify as LGBTQ+, or young women facing different forms of disadvantage.
  • Evaluations of interventions that address the multiple, interacting disadvantages that affect the most marginalised young women.
  • Evaluations of interventions to support pregnant young women for example, interventions to enhance social networks.
  • Evaluations of interventions that take a holistic, person-centred approach.
  • Peer support interventions.
  • Interventions related to social media / online images and messages.

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