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28th October 2021


Peoplehood - Happier, healthier neighbourhoods

Blackwood is delighted to have successfully attracted significant funding from Innovate UK to support our £12.5m ‘Peoplehood’ programme which will develop and deliver products, services, and business models that can be adopted at scale to support people as they age. The high-level challenge is to help the population live for five more healthy and productive years.

They are also delighted to be working with respected partners from industry and academia in this ‘Trailblazer’ programme for Healthy Ageing.

The Peoplehood programme’s purpose is to co-create beautiful places for independent living that offer what people need to live healthier and happier for longer.

Our mission is to ask questions, co-design and test new ideas with real people, so together we’ll learn what it really takes to develop thriving, healthy neighbourhoods of the future. Having a strong purpose and mission will help deliver the Peoplehood vision that one day all neighbourhoods will work together like this.

For more information or to get involved please visit our website for further details:

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