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Grant Reilly


16th December 2020


Public Service Awards Winner 2020

Tonight, Wednesday 16 December 2020, Chaloner Chute, our Chief Technology Officer, won the coveted Leadership Award at the 2020 Scottish Public Service Awards.

The Scottish Public Service Awards celebrate the daily contribution made to Scotland’s civic society from within the civil service, Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament, local government, health and social care sector, broader public sector and their partners within the Third Sector.

The awards are supported by the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament will recognise the rich and unique diversity of public life in Scotland and the vital relationships that cut across departmental, geographic and institutional boundaries.

The Leadership Award focuses on 3 main criteria

  1. Setting compeling vision for future direction
  2. Engaging people and developing their own and other capabilities
  3. Managing effectively and delivering results

This year’s Finalists were:

  1. Leadership for the Primary Care Improvement Plan and COVID 19 Response - Ann Forsyth, Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership
  2. Vacant and Derelict Land Taskforce - Shona Glenn, Scottish Land Commission
  3. Digital Leadership for Test & Protect- Chaloner Chute, DHI Scotland

On the announcement of the win, Chaloner Chute, said:

"Many thanks for this award, it's a credit to the great multi-sector team that drove forward such a large scale digital innovation. It's a credit to the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre's innovation model - we applied our normal methods and technologies but we just did it a lot quicker than normal".

Overview of Chaloner’s winning application for Digital Leadership for Test & Protect

Chaloner Chute, as our Chief Technology Officer, has led on DHI’s contribution to the Scottish Test & Protect Programme. Chaloner has spent the last four years forming a team across many different public service and industry organisations providing a safe place to innovate and blending clinical, design, and technical expertise. The team now excels at co-designing, developing, and implementing new health and care service models supported by a menu of flexible and reusable digital tools. This meant that when Covid-19 required urgent and rapid innovation, Chaloner and this inter-organisational team stood ready with methods, infrastructures, and networks.

The members of this team went well beyond expectations – coming together all day every day during the Covid-19 peak in Spring – Summer 2020. Chal tirelessly led the team to deliver the national test result communication and contact tracing systems used by Test & Protect during that initial period. The team delivered two national services from idea to full deployment and availability for all health boards in forty-eight and forty days respectively.

Without Chal and his team, Scotland would not have been able to safely exit the initial lock down as quickly and effectively as it did.

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