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Grant Reilly


3rd May 2022


Remote rehabilitation and swimming with monsters

The 26th of April 2022 marked a step towards returning to business as usual for the DHI: we hosted the first international delegation of visitors back at the offices since the Covid-pandemic began!

The DHI were absolutely delighted to welcome our strategic collaboration partners on the Moray Rural Centre of Excellence from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK), and Kajaani Vocational College (KAO) in Finland. Our visitors, Jukka Seppänen (KAMK), Markku Similä (KAO) and Joonas Vartio (KAO) travelled to Scotland to attend the Rethinking Remote Conference (28-29 April) in Aviemore to present their work on the TECNOS-project. The team have developed technology assisted remote rehabilitation services for rural areas utilising participatory co-design methodologies. These service innovations have already been adopted for use by the Kainuu region integrated health and social care services.

On their way to the conference in Aviemore, Jukka, Markku and Joonas stopped in Glasgow to meet with us in person and to learn more about the DHI and our activities. During the very intensive and interesting day, the visitors also had the opportunity to hear about other digital health and care research and development work underway in Scotland from our colleagues at the University of Strathclyde Digital Health and Wellness Group (Dr Lisa McCann) and Edinburgh Napier University (Dr Adrian Smales). A highlight of the visit was the opportunity to visit the City of Glasgow College and being shown around their health and social care teaching environments. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in making the day so stimulating and in giving our visitors a warm Scottish welcome! Driving up to Aviemore, if they have the time, the Finnish visitors planned take a detour to Loch Ness for a quick swim and to say hi to the monster.

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