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Grant Reilly


29th April 2022


Saving Lives Through Connections

DHI is supporting the Digital Lifelines Scotland Programme, which aims to overcome digital exclusion and improve health outcomes for people with multiple and complex needs.

Scotland has an unacceptably high number of drug related deaths. Evidence highlights that digital exclusion – lack of access to the online world, and the opportunity to connect and remain connected to families, friends and support services - is a particular issue amongst people with multiple and complex needs. Digital Lifelines Scotland seeks to help overcome this and to design new digital solutions that better meet people’s needs and improve the health outcomes for people who use drugs, reducing the risk of harm and death. The two-year programme is funded by Scottish Government and the Drugs Deaths Taskforce.

Working with Digital Lifelines delivery partners, stakeholders, and people who use drugs, DHI will employ a participatory design approach to collaboratively produce a future vision for digitally enabled services to better support people who use drugs.

As part of the Overdose Detection and Responder Alert Technologies (ODART) project, DHI will also partner with Brave Technology Coop and Aberdeen City ADP to pilot an app that aims to support people at risk of overdose.  The ‘Brave’ app aims to prevent drug overdose by linking people who are using drugs in homes or hostels to a community of supporters who can activate help if needed.

Page for ODART (Brave app)

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