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Kara Mackenzie


28th September 2022


TITTAN Final Conference

DHI attended the Final Conference of the TITTAN project in Spain.

We were delighted to be in Santiago De Compostella this week for the final conference for the TITTAN COVID19 project, along with our project partners from Galica, Basque Country, Lombardy and Saxony.  DHI heard from the regions about their response to COVID19 and Ann Wales presented the Clinical Decisions Support service for COVID19 to the group.  We participated in a discussion around the key findings and lessons learned over the past 6 years of the TITTAN project.    The event was closed by Julio García Comesaña, Galician Regional Minister of Health.

This final conference marked the end of the 6 year TITTAN project, and we hope to work closely with all the regions in the future.

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