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Kara Mackenzie


27th April 2021


UKRI - Addressing COVID-19 Challenges with Japanese Researchers

Funding for COVID-19 challenges in social sciences, arts or humanities research project in collaboration with Japan

Funding for a social sciences, art or humanities research project in collaboration with Japanese researchers. You must be a UK based researcher.   Examples of project which may be considered include;

  • Improving policy, communication and service design post COVID
  • Speeding up recovery and reducing costs and long-term scarring
  • Influencing the direction of recovery towards more equitable, inclusive and sustainable and resilient cultures, communities and societies.

Projects should also;

  • Consider how to make best use of the available expertise in UK & Japan, together with the added value of new or existing collaborations.
  • Demonstrate evidence of the strength and complementarity of their collaboration and how the partnership will be managed
  • Consider how they can provide opportunities for young researchers to participate in order to enable long term collaboration beyond the lifetime of the project.

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