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Kara Mackenzie


3rd May 2022


UKRI - Build community research consortia to address health disparities

Apply for funding to build community research consortia to address health disparities.

Closing Date:  Intent to submit - 1st June 2022

This opportunity is led by AHRC in partnership with the National Centre for Creative Health (NCCH), and is supported by MRC, ESRC and NERC. It is part of the Mobilising Community Assets to Tackle Health Disparities programme.

Projects funded through this opportunity will:

  • improve our understanding of the drivers of deprivation across communities
  • develop and test new scalable models for integrated care systems (ICS) (or devolved equivalents) to interface with community assets, thereby contributing to level up health outcomes and create healthier communities across the whole of the UK.

Applications should show how the planned activities could lead to a functioning consortium ready to undertake research to meet the above aims.

This programme uses the term health disparities to include varying definitions and interpretations of inequality and inequity, including the unfair and avoidable differences in health across different population groups. Understanding the drivers of such disparity and the role of community assets in reducing these differences is a core tenet of this programme.

Collaborations between community assets and ICSs are innovative, and forging new partnerships requires time. Therefore, phase two of the programme comprises a consortium-building phase.

UKRI are looking to fund projects that will undertake preparation work, building a consortium that is in a position to deliver research linking local community asset research and activity with place-based health deprivation research.

This will be to develop testable models for how community asset partnerships can integrate with existing and emerging ICSs (or devolved equivalents).

This research will require collaboration not only across multiple disciplines and academics, but also with:

  • ICS partners
  • community assets
  • their funders.

Up to £250,000 full economic cost  is available for diverse but complementary groups of academics (for example in public health research, health economics and community asset research) to work together with non-academic partners, community organisations and health system partners, to build a research consortium at ICS (or devolved nation equivalent) level.

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