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Kara Mackenzie


26th June 2023


UKRI - Creating Opportunities Evaluation Development Fund

Funding to undertake evaluation activities that improve the understanding of interventions that increase opportunities and reduce disparities in economic, health and social outcomes for people and places in the UK.

Value: £100k - £250k

Closing Date: 31st October 2023

The UKRI Creating Opportunities Evaluation Development Fund is aimed at enabling the research and innovation community to undertake small-scale evaluation activities to identify solutions for spreading opportunities and reducing disparities in economic, health and social outcomes for people and places across the UK by using robust counterfactual impact evaluation methods.

In doing so, grant holders will help address gaps and weaknesses in the existing evidence base underpinning the thematic areas covered by the UKRI “Creating Opportunities, Improving Outcomes” strategic theme.


The overarching objectives are to:

  • generate causal evidence on what works to spread opportunities and reduce spatial disparities in outcomes for people and places across the UK
  • accelerate the development of innovative and ethical methods for robustly testing and evaluating the impact of interventions related to the thematic areas outlined below
  • build the capacity of the research and innovation system to forge interdisciplinary collaborations and lasting partnerships with local communities (including those with lived experience) in designing and delivering robust research trials and related evaluation activity
  • provide actionable evidence that responds to the needs of decision makers and informs policy or practice at a local, regional, national or international scale

Thematic Areas: 

Proposals will be required to address one or more of the following three thematic areas:

  • sustainable economic growth and innovation​: addressing long-standing regional economic disparities and delivering solutions that focus on sustainable, inclusive growth and innovation
  • place-based health inequalities: identifying sustainable and cost-effective solutions to address spatial disparities in population health across the UK; the term “health inequalities” is used to refer to varying definitions of inequality and inequity, including the unfair and avoidable differences in health across different groups
  • community connectedness: strengthening civic engagements, relationships, trust, and local pride to reduce the social and economic marginalisation of groups and areas​

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