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Kara Mackenzie


26th September 2023


UKRI - MRC Centre of Research Excellence: Round 2: outline application

Funding to tackle complex and interdisciplinary health challenges.

Opening: 25th September 2023

Closing Date:  7th February 2023

Funding available:  £26,500,00 over 14 years

Funding to create new MRC CoREs that will support bold and ambitious research focused on a specific and defined challenge with the potential to prove transformative to biomedical research, health research or both within 14 years.   Taking such challenges will transform approaches to the prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease, improving health and wellbeing for all.

Areas of research:

  • Enhanced Healthspan:
    • Challenges in focused areas of ageing research to acheive a step change in increasing healthy life expectancy
  • immune regulation:
    • scientific challenges to illuminate how the immune system interacts with and is shaped by other biological systems, at different stages of life, by environmental stimuli or in response to pathogen challenges
  • molecular mechanisms to inform cancer intervention:
    • challenges investigating the molecular mechanisms associated with tumour development, growth, metastasis and recurrence to develop a more integrated understanding of cancer biology and accelerate progress towards future development of mechanism-informed interventions

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