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Grant Reilly


1st August 2022


Using Data-Driven Algorithms and AI with Confidence in Health and Social Care

This workshop brings together key leaders in this field to share with us their insights and expertise around transforming health and care services through algorithmic and AI tools.

This is an opportunity for you contribute your perspective to future learning and workforce development needs for realising the benefits of algorithmic and AI tools. It is part of a wider collaborative scoping project to deliver on the objective within Scotland’s Digital Health and Care Strategy, to: “equip our staff with the ability to understand and interrogate data-driven recommendations and decision support tools, including those powered by Artificial Intelligence.”

Keynote speakers:

Professor Jeremy Wyatt, international leader and author in health informatics and decision support, leader of the first randomised controlled trial of decision support, former director of multiple digital and informatics centres, and co-founder of the Cochrane Collaboration.

Professor David Lowe, Clinical Director of the AI Hub, Scottish Health and Industry Partnership (SHIP), Emergency Consultant at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow and West of Scotland Innovation Test Bed Lead.

Why is this important?

Data-driven tools using AI and algorithms are already part of health and social care. They are becoming an increasingly important part of service delivery through initiatives like the national decision support programme and the AI Hub. We need to build confidence across the workforce in using these tools safely and effectively to deliver their full potential benefits to health and wellbeing.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

This workshop is relevant to the learning and development needs of everyone affected now or in the next few years by AI and algorithms in health and social care. This includes health and social care staff who:

  • Use these tools to deliver care or manage services.
  • Provide leadership, policy or governance for use of these tools
  • Design and build these tools
  • Support colleagues to use these tools effectively
  • Facilitate adoption of these tools in new ways of working.





1.Welcome, meeting aims

Dr Ann Wales

11.00-11.05 am

2.Data driven algorithmic and AI tools in heath and social care – past, present, future: workforce implications.

Professor Jeremy Wyatt.

11.05 -11.25 am

3. AI innovation in Scotland’s health and care – service transformation and workforce development

Professor David Lowe

11.25 -11.45 am

4. The Right Decision Service

Dr Ann Wales (DHI), Michelle Kirkwood (NHS GGC)

11.45-12.05 pm

Break 12.05-12.10pm

5.Group discussion: learning and workforce development needs

Facilitated groups

12.10-12.50 pm

6.Next steps, close

Dr Ann Wales

12.50-1.00 PM


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