The Scottish Access Collaborative (SAC) was created in October 2017 to sustainably improve waiting times for patients waiting for non-emergency procedures. We were asked to deliver design workshops in 12 clinical areas identified by the Collaborative. A report was produced for each clinical area following a cycle of three workshops, and the recommendations detailed are now being progressed by the SAC within Scottish Government.

Scottish Access Collaborative (SAC)

Impact & Value

  • Deliver solutions that will help scheduled care services to sustainably meet the challenges of the future;

  • Improve waiting times for patients waiting for non-emergency procedures;

  • Facilitate knowledge exchange, sharing of best practice and the identification of cross-cutting themes across regions and specialties.

DHI have added value both by bringing design expertise to the highly complex landscape we are trying to understand and also by bringing a thoughtful external viewpoint and challenge into the room.

Alan Hunter

NHS Scotland Director of Performance and Delivery, Scottish Government

Progress to date:

We were asked to deliver our recommendations following a series of design-led workshops in 12 clinical areas.

Scottish Access Collaborative Resources

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