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What is Digital Health and Care?

Digital health and care brings together recent revolutions in health and care and technology, empowering us to better track, manage, monitor, and improve our own and our family’s health and care environments.

By combining insights from the digital and genomic revolutions we can reduce inefficiencies in health and care delivery, improve access, minimise costs, increase quality and make health and care truly person-centered.

transforming great ideas into real solutions

What We Do

Our vision is “innovation in digital health and care will help the people of Scotland live longer, healthier lives and provide sustainable and inclusive growth for our economies.”

Our networks, reach and capabilities ensure we bring the right people together and provide them with the means to identify, design, evaluate and invest in new innovations to the country’s prioritised health and care challenges.

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Work With Us

We transform great ideas into real solutions that will have a positive impact by helping Scotland’s people live longer, healthier lives, and provide sustainable and inclusive growth for Scotland.

We do this through collaboration and supporting partners to identify, develop, co-design and deliver transformative digital innovations to improve health and care.

Our Team

We're a friendly bunch with a shared commitment to supporting innovation in Scotland through co-design and collaboration our dedicated and driven team transform great ideas into real solutions.

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