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Master’s funding in Digital Health and Care

We award Master’s Scholarships in digital health and care, to support the development of future talent in the sector. We currently have 20 full time equivalent places available per year. These scholarships are funded by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and are valued at £7,387 per place.

  • Scholarships with a September start date are advertised in April and have a June application deadline
  • If all scholarships do not get allocated in June, we will extend to a secondary deadline in August
  • Scholarships with a January start date will be advertised in July and have an end of August application deadline

We advertise all places and deadlines on our website, monthly e-newsletter, and social media channels.

To apply or if you any questions please contact

How to apply

For taught masters programmes, course organisers should contact the DHI on the students behalf. For masters of research students should submit a research proposal via their course organiser as their application. The scholarships are awarded on a fee-waiver basis only. This means that if the master’s course fee is higher than the scholarship award, the university will agree to waive the excess of the student’s fee. In cases where the MSc fee is less than the available award, the excess sum is intended to go towards supporting the student in their studies (i.e. buying necessary equipment or to fund a conference trip to disseminate their research. It is not meant to be used towards living costs).


Check your eligibility for application. If you answer “yes” to all the questions below, you can apply:

  • Are you a British citizen, and have lived permanently in Scotland at least for the past three years, or an EU-citizen with settled status in Scotland?
  • Are you starting a new course?
  • Are you looking to take a Taught MSc or an MRes degree in digital health and care?
  • Choose your preferred digital health and care master’s course at a Scottish University and apply. Please check in the application process if a scholarship application option is available.
  • Ensure you can align your MSc or MRes dissertation work with one of DHI’s strategic themes (this is a requirement for DHI funding).

Course leaders

  • Check the student’s eligibility for the DHI scholarship. If a funded student turns out not to be eligible for the scholarship, they will be stripped of it, and the course in question will not be provided future funding
  • Courses can be taken full-time or part-time
  • Part-time funding is allocated at 0.5 FTE basis, the first half in the first year of study, second half in the second year of study
  • Course leaders/ co-ordinators must apply, to the DHI, for the funding on behalf of the students before the advertised deadline
  • The DHI will prioritise applications from dedicated taught digital health and care master’s courses. Please state the student’s start date, selected dissertation topic and FT/PT status.
  • Other taught master’s courses are deemed eligible (e.g. MSc in Nursing), if they contain sufficient taught digital health and care content. This needs to be demonstrated by the course leader at the application phase.
  • MRes applications require a research plan (max 2000 words)
  • DHI will review applications and inform your university if you've been successful by a stated deadline
  • Your host University and the University of Strathclyde will sign a scholarship and data sharing agreement
  • Your host University/ course will invoice the DHI/ University of Strathclyde for the funding
  • If there are more applicants than places, we will allocate places proportionately between the applying institutions, who will then select the most successful candidates for the scholarships

DHI Strategic themes

  1. Citizen empowerment and long-term condition management;
  2. Healthy ageing
  3. Digital solutions in supporting preventative and early intervention approaches in health and social care
  4. Digital solutions as an enabler in shifting care from institutional settings into home and/or community settings e.g., Hospital at home
  5. Digital solutions in supporting Population/Public Health and/or Emergency Planning/Prevention, Early Intervention (ref Covid19 or similar epidemic/pandemic threats)
  6. Service issues OR service redesign in health and care: demand and capacity management (Topics 3 and 6 should focus on one of the following non-communicable diseases - diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, mental health, cancer)
  7. Digital skills and workforce development in health and social care
  8. Solution to barriers for scaling Digital health and care solution (e.g., information governance, procurement and standards etc...)

Previously supported courses

Dedicated Digital Health and Care masters in Scotland:

Courses we have previously supported include: 

  • MSc in Digital Health Systems, University of Strathclyde
  • MSc in Digital Health Interventions, University of Glasgow
  • MSc in Digital Health, University of West of Scotland
  • MRes in Digital Health, University of West of Scotland
  • MSc in Primary Care, University of Glasgow
  • MRes in Design, Health and Care, The Glasgow School of Art
  • MRes in Midwifery and Nursing, Robert Gordon University
  • MRes in Nursing, Edinburgh Napier University
  • MSc in Exercise, Wellness and Coaching, Robert Gordon University
  • MSc in Health Economics for Health Professionals, University of Aberdeen

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Master's funding in Digital Health and Care

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