#DigiInventors Challenge Primary School Edition

We have worked with Raising Aspirations In Science Education (RAiSE) and the City of Glasgow College to develop a suite of teaching resources, that link with Second Level CfE outcomes, and can be delivered in a block of lessons in the classroom.

Primary school pupils will learn entrepreneurial and digital skills while identifying potential new career opportunities in the digital health and care sector.

What is it the Challenge?

Pupils are challenged to research common health and care challenges and come up with ideas that could be transformed into a digital health and care solution.

Bonus points will be awarded if your idea has a positive impact on our environment and supports efforts to reach net carbon zero.

Pupils will develop their ideas before submitting their final presentation videos to be reviewed by our panel of judges with winners and runners-up being selected to attend our prize-giving event.

Not only will they receive certificates, but #DigiInventors goodie bags and some great tech prizes!

Key dates

The #DigiInventors Challenge Primary School Edition runs between January and April.


#DigiInventors Challenge 2024 Activity


National CLPL Session for Primary School Teachers


Official marketing launch of #DigiInventors Challenge 2024 Primary School Edition


Challenge launches and teaching resources are available for use - teachers are encouraged to use the next 8 weeks to work with pupils to research and develop their ideas


Application submission deadline - our judges will use the next 2 weeks to select our winners and runners-up

04/03/2024 - 15/03/2024



Winners and runners-up announced


Award Ceremony at the City of Glasgow College

How do I enter?

  • Work as an individual, in a pair, or in teams (up to a maximum of 4 people)
  • Brainstorm health and care challenges
  • Get inspiration
  • Carry out your research and pick a challenge
  • Design your solution
  • Pitch your final idea

Submit your application

Great tech prizes to be won

Challenge goodie bag

All winners and runners up will receive a #DigiInventors Challenge goodie bag and certificate

Showcase your winning idea

All winners and runners-up will have the chance to showcase their ideas at our awards ceremony

Tech prizes

Each winner will receive a fantastic tech prize at our awards ceremony


View all the resources for the #DigiInventors Challenge - Primary School Edition.

Privacy notice, rules and application criteria

To participate in the #DigiInventors Challenge, Primary School Edition, all submitted applications, must read our privacy notice when submitting their applications.

If an application is successful and you are invited to attend the awards ceremony, you must complete and return signed copies of our media consent form as we will be capturing imagery, audio, and video of our successful applicants to help market future challenges. Mentors can provide signed consent for themselves but parents or guardians must provide signed consent for any pupils attending the awards ceremony.

Please ensure you read the rules and application criteria before submitting your ideas!

Teaching resources

We have worked with our partner Raising Aspirations In Science Education (RAiSE) to develop a suite of teaching resources to assist with your ideas and applications.

These resources can be taught over a 6-week block.

We have:

Marketing Resources

We've produced a suite of marketing assets that can be shared digitally or printed and put around your school or classrooms.

Social media

  • Make sure you follow @DigiInventors on Twitter and Facebook. We'll be posting lots of content so make sure you like and re-share it
  • Tag our partners in your photo or message posts - @dhiscotland, @CofGCollege, @SLC_RAiSE, and @RaiseScotland
  • Use hashtag #DigiInventors in all your posts

Generic marketing assets

The #DigiInventors Primary School Edition 2023 Winners

St. Bride's Primary

Cloud Walker

Mearns Primary

A Friend in Me

King's Park Primary

Our App

Cloud Walker - Primary 7

The Cloud Walker is an innovative project developed by a group of students from St. Bride's Primary, aiming to support children with cerebral palsy. This advanced walker combines technology, design, and education, making therapy sessions enjoyable and interactive. With a built-in tablet and app featuring fun games and learning activities, the Cloud Walker promotes overall health, well-being, and skill development. By enhancing the walking and learning experience, it fosters confidence and helps children reach their full potential.