DHI Phase 2 Annual Report - Year 2 (August 2020-July 2021)

1st July 2021

DHI Phase 2 Annual Report - Year 2 (August 2020-July 2021)

This DHI phase 2.0 Year 2 Annual Report sets out the significant impact made by the DHI over the last 12 months and our further planned contribution to:

  • expansion of digital health and care innovation;

  • post COVID-19 Remobilisation and Recovery; and

  • Scotland’s Green Recovery.

    Our accelerated activity was made possible by the DHI’s four established pillars: extensive ecosystem and innovation clusters; market research capabilities; expertise in delivering digital innovation projects for health and care; future workforce development and mobilisation of our strong local and global networks. We exceeded almost all of our key performance targets in Year 2 (see fig.1 - KP summary and App A).

    The COVID-19 response saw the DHI become a fundamental part of Scotland’s approach to the pandemic: directly advising Scottish Government Ministers; undertaking rapid market research and national/ international engagement to learn from others; and directly assisting the accelerated adoption of innovation into national scale within front line services. The DHI leveraged its unique simulation and data infrastructure capability. Project ideas were delivered in weeks rather than years; the DHI enabled extra capacity to be channeled into the health and care system to deliver at pace.

    This year, we have strengthened relationships relevant to our key priorities of waiting list pressures, non-communicable diseases (diabetes, mental health, chronic respiratory, cardiac, cancer), healthy ageing, citizen empowerment, next generation infrastructure, workforce development and knowledge exchange. Design Innovation has been instrumental in quickly translating a wide range of user needs into requirements for digital solutions, resulting in the emergence of a distinct DHI design process and methodology that we continue to refine.