Making technology meaningful in social care (1)

1st December 2018

Making technology meaningful in social care

The paradigm shift in health and social care is moving towards proactive, responsive and preventative models of care. When thinking about how technology can be meaningfully integrated in social care, we need to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to ensure that our care interactions and experiences are enhanced.

The recent 'Tech Rights' report (Macaskill, 2018) published by Scottish Care provides an overview of the current landscape of the use of technology in social care, as well as key recommendations towards developing an ethical and rights based approach as we progress design and development of technology in this context.

To build an understanding of the areas of opportunity for technology in social care in Scotland, we explored the challenges, insights and experiences of people involved in the social care context at a technology event organised by Scottish Care. We captured perspectives around the role of technology for the person, providers and practice.