Person-centred Records

28th September 2020

Person-centred Records

Exploring the potential of in-patient electronic working in NHS Grampian.

‘Person-centred Records’ is a collaboration between Scotland’s Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI) and NHS Grampian, running from April 2019 till April 2020.

NHS Grampian has committed to the implementation of in-patient electronic record keeping in order to provide a safer and more effective service for patients admitted to their hospitals. The DHI and NHS Grampian are collaborating across a year-long programme of work, and employing design innovation methodologies, to ensure that the recommended solution is achieved with the Person at the centre.

The Design Team is working with hospital staff across all disciplines to design a single, person-centred, multi-disciplinary, electronic record that will follow the patient on their journey from admission to discharge.

The Person-centred Records (PCR) project builds on the DHI’s work with NHS Scotland and the Open Innovation Programme in 2017, which resulted in a streamlined one-page nursing record that has since been implemented in NHS Grampian and has been shown to save nurses time and support them in their focus on the patient. The plan to digitise and innovate this record continues and forms part of our remit for PCR.