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Olivia Dunbar


29th February 2024


Join BeWell Pilot Training on Urgent Needs for Digital Skills

Discover BeWell's cutting-edge pilot training programme aimed at equipping healthcare professionals with vital digital and green skills to meet today's healthcare challenges.


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare sector has faced unprecedented challenges, highlighting the urgent need for digital and green skills among healthcare professionals. The BeWell consortium, co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union, has launched a pilot training programme aimed at addressing these critical skill gaps.

The Urgency for Digital and Green Skills in Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation and sustainable practices in healthcare. From telehealth to data protection, the demand for digital proficiency alongside green skills has never been more critical. The BeWell consortium's pilot training program seeks to address these needs by equipping healthcare workers with the necessary skills to thrive in a rapidly evolving sector.

About the BeWell Pilot Training Programme

Launched January 22nd, 2024. The pilot will be open until 15th of April and organisations can engage in this activity at any time until then. The BeWell Pilot Training Program is specifically designed for a wide range of healthcare professionals. The program focuses on seven key areas:

  • Telehealth (televisiting, telemonitoring, telenursing, telemedicine, wearable devices)
  • Digital tools for Problem-solving
  • Increase Office and Google Suite knowledge
  • Healthcare data protection management (General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR])
  • Cybersecurity in Healthcare
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Healthcare ICT (Radiology Information Systems, Picture Archiving and Communication Systems, Electronic Health Records)

Who Should Attend?

The program welcomes various members of the health and care workforce, including:

  • An advanced practice nurse
  • A bachelor nurse
  • A healthcare assistant
  • A doctor
  • A public health professional
  • A medical technician
  • A member of staff (e.g., administrator/management/medical supplier)

Objectives and Outcomes

The BeWell project aims to modernise healthcare through the development of new curricula and training programmes, addressing the skills highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. By participating, healthcare professionals will not only enhance their digital and green skills but also contribute to the modernisation and digitalisation of national public health systems. The pilot training is set to offer micro-credentials, providing tangible evidence of the participants' newfound competencies.

How to Get Involved

Healthcare professionals interested in participating are encouraged to fill out the provided form to receive further information about the program's launch date and schedule. The BeWell consortium remains available for any inquiries and looks forward to welcoming new participants to this transformative training program.


The BeWell Pilot Training for Urgent Needs for Digital and Green Skills represents a significant step forward in equipping healthcare professionals for the future. By addressing the critical skills gaps exposed by the pandemic, the program not only enhances individual careers but also contributes to the broader goal of modernising healthcare systems. On behalf of BeWell we invite all eligible healthcare workers to seize this unique opportunity to advance their skills and careers.

To register your interest in the BeWell Pilot Training programme we kindly ask you to fill out this FORM and contact EUREGHA Secretariat at

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