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Jennifer Thomas


19th April 2024


Call for academic proposals

Evaluation of a Digital Solution for the Assessment and Management of Pain in Scottish Care Services.

PainChek® is a clinically validated pain assessment tool initially designed to improve pain management for individuals with moderate to severe dementia in aged care settings. Using a combination of AI technology, facial analysis, and the Numeric Rating Scale (NRS), PainChek® detects pain cues even when they are not overtly obvious and securely stores all assessment data, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing overall care quality. The Care Inspectorate has carried out a two-phase improvement project since 2022 to assess PainChek® in a range of different service contexts.

DHI is awarding a grant of up to £30k (inclusive of any VAT) for an academic team to undertake a cost-benefit analysis of PainChek®. This call is open to academic institutions based in Scotland and it has been funded by the Scottish Funding Council.

The approach is anticipated to draw upon both available data and case studies from the Care Inspectorate's Phase 1 and 2 improvement project; and the direct experiences of people within care services. The academic team will likely offer, either directly, or through engagement with third parties, a combination of the following experience and expertise:

  • Service evaluation experience in a health and/or social care context;
  • Options appraisal (ideally of health and care service models);
  • Cost-benefit analysis expertise
  • A good understanding of the health and social care landscape in Scotland/UK.

We expect interested academic institutions to provide us with a brief response document (maximum 10 pages) clearly setting out their approach to this piece of work and detail of associated costs - more information on the call and how to apply can be found here.

Complete applications should be submitted to by 5 pm on 24th May 2024.

The DHI Lead Contact, Jennifer Thomas, will be able to assist you with any queries.

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