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Grant Reilly


29th March 2021


DHI joins the UK Healthcare Pavilion

The Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI) has been recognised as a key UK organisation working in the UK healthcare and Life Sciences sector alongside several other Scottish partners and businesses including Highlands & Islands Enterprise, NHS Scotland, Scottish Development International and Scottish Health Innovations Ltd.

As borders shut across the world, the UK Healthcare Pavilion, a year-round online platform providing a virtual front door for the UK healthcare and Life Sciences sector, will act as a shop window for UK healthcare organisations and Life Sciences companies looking to engage customers, both domestically and around the world.

At its core, the UK Healthcare Pavilion provides a searchable directory of healthcare providers and Life Sciences companies, providing visitors from around the world with a simple way to identify and engage with organisations.

The UK Healthcare Pavilion will provide news, insights, and interviews from a variety of UK key opinion leaders and policymakers, offering their insights and expertise, whilst showcasing the strengths of the UK. Up-to-date information, media content, features and links to UK stakeholders and networks provide visitors with a unique view of our healthcare and Life Sciences sector.

The home page of the UK Healthcare Pavilion provides the opportunity for live webinars and pre-recorded media content, with news from participating organisations; functionality that runs through all pages across the site. Importantly, it will house the intuitive search function for companies and stakeholders.

The UK Healthcare Pavilion will be marketed through the various UK consulates, embassies, and industry bodies around the world, as well as international event organisers. The UK Healthcare Pavilion will be the most comprehensive healthcare showcase of UK companies, stakeholders and healthcare providers available and aims to establish itself as the ‘go-to’ resource for overseas customers looking for UK solutions.

Professor George Crooks OBE, Chief Executive Officer, said:
“Since our inception, DHI has proven itself to be a trusted and credible national resource. This is recognised by our partners and our inclusion as a key UK organisation in the UK healthcare and Life Sciences sector will reinforce this to the rest of the World.

The healthcare challenges that we face in Scotland are replicated globally and our digital innovations can be adopted and scaled as required.

The DHI has global ambitions for the future, and we are keen to engage with international audiences, whether governmental, commercial or academic and see how we could collaborate on projects that will have global impacts not just for citizens but service providers and economies.

I encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about DHI or wants to collaborate with us to connect and see what the art of the possible might be!”

Learn more and connect with us via our DHI organisation page

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