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Peter Fuzesi


30th March 2023


Digital Health and Care Master's Funding Now Available

There are still a few DHI Master’s Scholarship places available for 2023-24. The deadline for applications has been extended to the 15th of September. Get your applications in now!

The Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre (DHI) has 19.5 full-time equivalent Master's Scholarships in digital health and care will be available for students starting their course in the 2023-24 academic year. Funded by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), the scholarships are valued at £7,387 per place and will be awarded on a fee-waiver basis to eligible students.

The scholarships are designed to support the development of future talent in the digital health and care sector. To be eligible, students must align their Master's to one of the DHI Strategic Themes.

The centre is especially interested in proposals that incorporate aspects of AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, data, Internet of (Medical) Things, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and/or Immersive Reality.

The available DHI Strategic Themes include:

  1. The contribution of digital health and care to Scotland’s Net Zero targets
  2. How digital solutions can best support mental health and well-being
  3. Supported living in the community (e.g. SMART housing, smart communities)
  4. Measuring the impact of digital health & care projects
  5. Citizen empowerment and long-term condition management
  6. Healthy Ageing
  7. Digital solutions as an enabler in shifting care from institutional settings into the home and/ or community settings (e.g. Hospital @ Home)
  8. Digital solutions in supporting Population/Public Health early intervention and/or Emergency Planning/Prevention
  9. Digital skills and workforce development in health and social care

The deadline for applications has been extended to the 15th of September.

To be considered, course organisers must first check whether the student fits the student eligibility criteria. For taught MSc programs, the course organiser academic should contact the DHI on the student's behalf. MRes students should submit a research proposal (maximum 1,500 words) via their course organiser as their application.

Previously supported courses include the MSc in Digital Health Systems at the University of Strathclyde, the MRes in Design, Health and Care at Glasgow School of Art and the Digital Health and Care Institute, the Digital Health MSc at the University of St Andrews, and more.

To learn more about this opportunity visit our website:

Please note that scholarships are awarded on a fee-waiver basis only and cannot be used to cover other costs, such as living expenses.

If the Master's course fee is higher than the scholarship award, the university would need to agree to waive the excess of the student's fee.

In cases where the Master's fee is less than the available award, the excess sum should be used for supporting the student in their studies, such as buying necessary equipment or funding a conference trip to disseminate their research.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to advance your education in digital health and care!

Enquire now

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