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Olivia Dunbar


28th March 2024


Moray Health Data Project Wins Prestigious ITEC 2024 Award

A pioneering health data initiative by the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre receives the Up-and-Coming TEC Innovation Award.

One of our innovative DHI Moray Rural Centre of Excellence's living lab projects, a collaboration with, Archangel®, and  Mydex CIC, has recently been awarded the distinguished Up-and-Coming TEC Innovation Award at this year’s ITEC Awards. This award reflects the project's profound commitment to enhancing healthcare through an innovative holistic, integrated, and person-centred approach

Focused on the comprehensive assessment of social determinants of health, the initiative stands out for its approach to generating and collating holistic data. The analysis conducted is internationally distinctive, providing both individual and population-level insights. Such data is instrumental in enabling improved self-management, early intervention, and the efficient allocation of healthcare resources.

Recognition from the TSA – the voice of technology-enabled care – highlights the significant impact and innovation brought by the project. It underlines the potential for transformative change in citizen well-being and service provision within the sector.

As the project continues to evolve, it aims to lay the groundwork for future developments under the Moray Growth Deal, aspiring to contribute to a healthier, more informed community.

Engagement from the Moray region is encouraged, especially through participation in our Living Labs. For individuals living in the Moray area and interested in contributing to the advancement of healthcare innovation, more information can be found here.

Marie Simpson, Programme Manager at DHI collected the award and commented: “This is fantastic recognition for a data project that really could be a ‘game changer’ within the health and care sectors.

“It delivers a wide range of benefits for citizens and their carers, health and social care organisations and third sector community bodies with end users empowered to remain at the centre of navigating their personalised journey.”

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