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Olivia Dunbar


28th March 2024


Digital Lifelines Scotland's progressive new approach to Scotland’s ‘unacceptable’ drug death rates

People at risk of harm through drugs given digital access and support in a progressive new approach to Scotland’s ‘unacceptable’ drug death rates

Bridging the Digital Divide: Digital Lifelines.

The Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre has worked closely with our partners and PR agency, Story Shop, to craft a media package that showcased the vision and impact of the Digital Lifelines Scotland project.

This project is a pioneering and progressive digital inclusion programme aimed at reducing ‘unacceptable’ levels of drug-related harm and deaths across the nation.

So far, more than 1,700 people have taken part. A total of 908 phones, 103 laptops and 45 other devices have been distributed, along with almost 1,500 connectivity packages. Proving this initiative is more than just a project; it's a lifeline for the most vulnerable among us.

Digital Lifelines in the News

The journey of Digital Lifelines has captured the attention of media outlets, each shedding light on the project's innovative approach and the tangible benefits it brings to Scotland's at-risk communities.

Here's a roundup of the coverage:

  • BBC News: Reports on the initiative's local impact, particularly in Edinburgh, East, and Fife, showcasing how digital tools are making a difference. Read the BBC coverage.

  • BBC Radio: Listen from 1 hour 18 minutes for the story. Listen here 
  • The Herald: Showcases the ambitious £3m effort to tackle Scotland's drug death tally through digital empowerment. Explore the full story.

  • Third Force News: Highlights the provision of digital devices and support to vulnerable Scots, offering them a crucial lifeline. Read more about the impact.

  • DIGIT: Dives into how Digital Lifelines is bridging the digital divide for Scots at risk, providing them with access and support in a ground-breaking approach. Learn more here.

  • Daily Mail: Discusses the impact of the Digital Lifelines project in Scotland. Read the article

  • Silicone Scotland: Focuses on the innovative strategy to give those at risk of harm through drugs digital access and support, marking a progressive step in tackling Scotland's drug death rates. Discover the initiative.

For further insights into the project and its objectives, the Digital Lifelines website offers a wealth of information about their mission, the team behind the initiative, and how they're making a difference in Scotland.

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