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Grant Reilly


26th October 2020


Discover a career in digital health and care

DHI proudly presents: An animation to inspire school children to consider digital health and care as a career option.

The Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI), in partnership with Skills Development Scotland and the Digital World, has produced an animation aimed at Secondary School pupils to help raise awareness of the digital health and care sector as a career option.

Digital health and care is a fairly new domain, and it is among the fastest-growing economic sectors in the world. The single most significant factor in restricting that growth both globally and in Scotland is the lack of suitably skilled employees feeding into it.

Through research into the skills and capability requirements of the sector, DHI discovered that there is a general lack of awareness of digital health and care as a career option.

To create a pipeline of talent for the sector, we need to address the issue beginning at a school level. This means educating not only teachers and parents but crucially school children and young people, who are at the critical stage of selecting subjects that will determine the path they can take after school.

Our animation lists a number of career options as well as the Top Ten Skills required in digital health and care.

The core message of the animation is:

“You don’t have to work in a hospital to help improve people’s health and wellbeing. By studying a range of subjects, you can gain the right knowledge and skills needed for a career in digital health and care”.

This animation is released in partnership with Skills Development Scotland and the Digital World.

Find out more about careers in digital health and care through Skills Development Scotland, see:

To find out more about research into skills and capabilities in digital health and care, see our reports:

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