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Olivia Dunbar


14th June 2024


From Turf to Tech: The #DigiInventors Challenge Joins Forces with Scottish Hockey to Inspire Digital Innovation in Sports

This Year’s Challenge is Harnessing Digital Technology and E-Gaming to Reimagine Field Hockey, Boost Youth Participation, and Enhance Physical Well-being

The #DigiInventors Challenge is thrilled to announce a dynamic new partnership with Scottish Hockey alongside our portfolio of partners including The Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI), City of Glasgow College, Heriot Watt University Dubai, the Scottish Tech Army, and dressCode.

This collaboration with Scottish Hockey introduces an exciting new question for this year’s challenge: “How can digital technology and/or e-gaming be used to re-invent the game of field hockey to inspire increased physical activity, participation, and well-being of our young people?”

Since 2017, the Digi Inventors Challenge has inspired young minds to develop innovative digital health and care solutions. This year's focus aims to leverage the synergy between sports and technology, encouraging students to think creatively about how digital advancements can enhance the sport of field hockey. This initiative supports the challenge's broader mission of promoting health and well-being among youth through digital innovation.

Scottish Hockey's involvement brings a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm for the sport, offering participants a unique opportunity to integrate traditional athleticism with modern technology. The challenge will run from August to December, complete with a 2-day boot camp and grand finale where finalists will present their ideas to a panel of esteemed judges.

Participants will not only compete for fantastic prizes but also gain invaluable skills and experiences that could pave the way for future careers in the digital health and social care Sector.


Grant Reilly Head of Communications & Marketing, DHI

"We’re excited to partner with Scottish Hockey to see how young minds will use technology to re-imagine field hockey. This innovative initiative showcases collaborative working between a Scottish Innovation Centre and a Sports Governing Body to engage the citizens of Scotland. It aligns perfectly with our commitment to promoting physical activity and well-being among young people."

Keith Macleod, Engagement Manager, Scottish Hockey

“The sporting landscape is constantly evolving, using digital means to enhance and perfect the game both for the athlete and audience. In this new and exciting collaboration with The Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre, we are excited to see how our young thinkers and disruptors can utilise technology to completely re-invent the game of Field Hockey to increase participation and encourage exercise and wellness among the people of Scotland.”

For more information on the Digi Inventors Challenge and how to enter, visit:

Learn more about Scottish Hockey:

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