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Grant Reilly


17th June 2021


Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre launches its latest publication

To support Diabetes Awareness Week 2021, the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre is delighted to be launching our latest publication in the field of digital solutions, weight management and diabetes.

This report, "Digital Solutions Supporting Healthy Weight Management and the Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Framework", has been commissioned by the Diet and Healthy Weight Team of the Scottish Government in response to current Scottish Diabetes policy ‘A Healthier Future – Framework for the Prevention, Early Detection and Early Intervention of type 2 diabetes’ (2018), to provide a broader understanding of relevant solutions in the management of prevention and management of type 2 diabetes and healthy weight management.

This Policy framework provides guidance to Public Sector partners supporting the delivery and implementation of new and enhanced weight management pathways for T2 Diabetes and Prevention.

These pathways typically sit within and beside integrated NHS weight management services and support NHS Scotland in achieving the shared aim of improved weight management service to support better outcomes for people across Scotland.

The report aims to present a brief Market review of the current options available for digital solutions supporting healthy weight management and type 2 diabetes prevention.

A summary of the core features of the solutions and a matrix that categorises the solutions by stage of type 2 diabetes and weight category forms part of the report.

The importance of interoperability and co-production and service design to optimise digitally-enabled models of care is also considered.

Read the publication

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