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Chris Charalambous


22nd August 2023

Mental Health

Wellcome trust Mental health research funding opportunities

Find out what mental health research the Wellcome trust are funding – now and in the future.

The Wellcome Trust aim to instigate revolutionary advancements in the field of mental health by discovering more effective strategies for early intervention in cases of depression, anxiety, and psychosis.

To accomplish this objective, they formulate distinct calls for funding that are believed to propel the comprehension of these disorders and expedite the development of impartial novel interventions and remedies.

Their goals for these funding calls are to:

  1. Elicit a wide spectrum of novel concepts and methodologies.
  2. Incorporate a varied array of researchers from various corners of the globe.
  3. Directly address existing obstacles.
  4. Capitalize on potential breakthroughs.
  5. Incorporate the insights and expertise of individuals with personal encounters of these conditions.

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