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Olivia Dunbar


18th March 2024


#DigiInventors Challenge 2024: Celebrating Primary School Innovators

Scottish Primary Schools Showcase Digital Solutions for Health and Care Challenges

The Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre, in partnership with Raising Aspirations in Science Education (RAiSE) and the City of Glasgow College, is excited to announce the winners of the #DigiInventors Challenge 2024 Primary School Edition.

This initiative, launched in January, invited pupils from across Scotland to identify challenges within health and care sectors and propose innovative digital solutions. Special emphasis was placed on ideas that positively impact the environment and supported efforts to reach net carbon zero.

This year we saw an overwhelming response, with 103 submissions from schools across Scotland, marking a significant 54% increase from the previous year. Each group of pupils brought forward their proposals through detailed video presentations, which were then evaluated by a panel of expert judges.

We are delighted to announce our #DigiInventors Challenge 2024 Primary School Edition Winners:

‘The WAX Cast’:  Broken Bones P7 Carolside PS, East Renfrewshire Council

The idea is a waterproof cast for kids, enhancing their healing journey. It uses hydrophobic layers to stay dry and includes comfortable viscose fabric. Additionally, it features a small X-ray chip for remote monitoring by doctors, reducing the need for hospital visits.

‘Go Auttie’: Autism P7 Wellington School, Ayr  

The app is designed to assist children with autism in developing social skills engagingly and enjoyably. Inspired by the personal experience of a team member whose brother has autism, the app features a game diary and role-playing scenarios specifically tailored to make learning both fun and educational.

‘The Walker Talker Bot’: Cystic Fibrosis from P7 St Bride’s PS, South Lanarkshire Council

Their idea is a robot with a built-in screen that is linked to an app to help children with cystic fibrosis manage their medication and understanding of CF and improve their mental and physical well-being.

Runners up:

‘Interfob’: speech impediments P7 Carolside PS, East Renfrewshire Council

‘X-Patch’: Diabetes P7 Carolside PS, East Renfrewshire Council

‘The Worry Bot’: Anxiety P7 St Bride’s PS, South Lanarkshire Council

‘Nav Bands’:  visual impairment P7 Newton Farm PS, South Lanarkshire Council

‘The Cane Tracker’: visual impairment P7 Newton Farm PS, South Lanarkshire Council

Special Recognition:

‘Nutrition Nurse’: Healthy Eating P6/7 Balivanich PS, Western Isles

‘Think Strong’, ADHD: Dyslexia and Anxiety P6 Busby PS, East Renfrewshire Council

‘Calm Carrots’: Anxiety and Panic Attacks P7 Our Lady of The Missions, East Renfrewshire Council

‘VP Smart Glasses’, Epilepsy P7 Westpark PS, Aberdeen City Council

We’d like to extend our congratulations to all our winners and a massive thank you to all our participants in this year's Challenge.

As we wrap up this year's event, the spotlight shines on these young innovators who have shown that age is no barrier to innovation and social impact. Their contributions are an inspiration, proving that the next generation is well-equipped to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

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