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Jennifer Thomas


31st October 2022


Call for academic proposals

Evaluating a Digitally Enabled Supported Self-Management Service for Weight Management and Active Living

The prevalence of obesity in Scotland is one of the highest in Europe with two-thirds of adults overweight and one-third obese. The health, social and economic consequences of obesity and inactive lifestyles are well documented. This includes the risk of developing a range of long-term conditions (LTCs) including Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension. With staff shortages and patients waiting on average more than a year to be seen by specialists in secondary care for weight management interventions, there is a need to explore new innovative models of care and optimise digital technologies.

The Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI) is awarding an academic grant of £50K for an independent evaluation of an innovative digitally supported self-management service for weight management and active living developed by the DHI Rural Centre of Excellence Living Lab Programme in collaboration with health and care and industry partners. The purpose of the work is to inform the potential adoption and scalability of this digital service within the Scottish digital health and care context. This evaluation will analyse and appraise the user experience, explore benefit and impacts on a service and systems level as part of an early implementation feasibility phase within health and social care services across the Moray and Grampian regions.

We expect interested academic institutions to provide us with a brief response document (maximum 10 pages) clearly setting out their approach to this piece of work and detail of associated costs.

To apply, please send your application to by 5pm on 2nd December 2022.

The DHI Lead Contact, Jennifer Thomas, will be able to assist you with any queries.

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