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Grant Reilly


30th September 2022


High-Growth Spinout Programme Funding Call – Digital Health and Data

The High-Growth Spinout Programme (HGSP) supports the commercialisation of leading-edge technologies emerging from Scotland's universities, research institutes and NHS Boards.

The objective of the Programme is to support the creation of new high-growth companies based in Scotland, with the potential and capability to grow to companies of scale and generate significant economic impact in Scotland. (Further information on the Programme is provided in the application guidelines).

It is anticipated that this Call will make a valuable contribution to the health and care innovation ecosystem by providing supportive conditions in which new digital health companies can develop and spin out successfully from Scotland’s research base.

Key Information for the Digital Health and Data call

Funding Type

Funding Available


Application deadline

Applicants notified


Up to £75,000

the call is open to universities, research institutes and NHS Boards

12 noon on 31 October 2022  

21 November 2022


This Call complements the ambition of Scottish Enterprise’s Heath for Wealth Programme.

The vision for the Health for Wealth programme is: “To make Scotland a world leader in the health & care economy while enabling our citizens to live longer, healthier, lives.”

Scottish Enterprise works with partners (Industry, NHS, Government and Academia) to realise this vision through a focus on two synergistic strategic aims:

  • Building a world leading health and care innovation ecosystem that optimally links the triple helix of NHS, academia and industry and is optimised by a “once for Scotland” approach within the NHS;
  • Fully exploiting the potential of digital technologies and data to transform health and care

Applicants must demonstrate how their project aligns with the programme by exploiting the potential of digital technologies and data to transform health and care.


The Call aims to both support the commercialisation of technologies in universities, research institutes and NHS boards and improve the sustainability and effectiveness of health and care globally.

To bring a joined-up approach from Scottish Enterprise and ecosystem partners to give projects the best chance of success.

To enhance the level of entrepreneurial and commercial knowledge and expertise applied to developing solutions to health and care challenges.

Use of Funds

Funding is provided to address gaps in the business case for the prospective technology, product or service. It supports activities such as the appointment of an experienced commercial champion to lead and manage commercial engagement, build up the business proposition, direct the research to meet the commercial ends and achieve the commercialisation milestones; technology de-risking through prototyping; investor engagement to understand the investment roadmap; market research; regulatory assessment and IP strategy development.

How to Apply

For an application form and guidelines please contact

Additional Information

Before the Covid-19 crisis, values estimated the global digital health market size at $103.1 Billion and projected a CAGR of 24.6% leading to $385.8 Billion by 2025. However, the first half of 2020 saw unprecedented digital health activity and record levels of venture funding. Some more recent estimates suggest growth could be even higher than this with figures published by Statista on 26 June 2021 referencing a staggering $660 Billion by 2025.

You are encouraged to speak to a member of the HGSP team prior to drafting and submitting your application.

Projects successfully completing this stage of the commercialisation journey may be eligible to apply for further funding support through the HGSP.

Dependent on number of projects supported and size of cohort, an early-stage education programme covering areas such as leadership, investment strategy and business planning may also form part of the support available.

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