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Grant Reilly


28th May 2021



A £98m investment in research and innovation that supports, businesses, including social enterprises, to create products and services to help people as they age, and the innovative business models that enable them to be delivered at scale.

UKRI’s Healthy Ageing Challenge aim is to allow people to remain active, productive, independent, and socially connected across generations for as long as possible.

The Healthy Ageing Challenge has set up a COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE, a learning community bringing together those organisations funded by the challenge, and others interested in the healthy ageing market, to collaborate, share expertise, and gain insights from the innovation and research both funded by the project and from the wider Healthy Ageing domain. The Community of Practice membership includes colleagues from the fields of health, tech, research, social care, construction, investment, co-design, and more; all with an interest in developing solutions that support people to age well.

It’s free, quick, and easy to SIGN UP.

As a member, you will receive updates about events and workshops, research and innovation being funded by the challenge, and wider research and news from the sector. Also, as the Community of Practice is run by the Centre for Ageing Better on behalf of UKRI, it brings in insights and resources from Ageing Better’s wider work as well.

Here are some quick links for further information:

The Community of Practice

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Recent news

  • Investment Partners joining and co-funding: NESTA, 24Haymarket and NorthStar
  • £11m funding to support 7 large scale research projects (Social, Behavioural and Design Research Programme)
  • £500k funding to develop innovative, cutting edge ideas for scalable products and services (Catalyst Awards)

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