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Kara Mackenzie


30th August 2023


UKRI - Tackling Obesity

Apply for funding to develop effective strategies to tackle overweight and obesity.

This is an ongoing funding priority for the Population and Systems Medicine Board. Application rounds close every January, May and September.

There is no limit to the funding you can apply for, but it should be appropriate to the research project. Projects are usually funded up to 80% of the project’s full economic cost.

UKRI are seeking multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary applications to tackle overweight and obesity. The research should support evidence-based approaches to improve health in real-life settings.

In particular, they wish to better understand what makes an effective intervention, aiming to encourage greater integration and synergy across existing pockets of expertise in the biological, behavioural, psychological, environmental and social sciences.

Researchers are invited from a range of backgrounds to join forces to apply to this board priority. Applications should be innovative, cross-disciplinary and collaborative, and include partnerships between basic, clinical and social scientists, and with other stakeholders.

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