Campbell is an entrepreneur who founded the Sitekit Group on his native Isle of Skye in 1989.

Sitekit’s vision is a world where everyone lives longer, healthier, happier lives assisted by secure, joined-up digital services.

The Sitekit Group has three operating divisions that focus on developing secure and trusted online digital services:

Sitekit Solutions, the group’s original division, still based on the Isle of Skye, provides web services to 50 NHS Trusts and provides a 24x265 online support desk service that supports customers across the globe.

Sitekit Apps division, based in London, works with NHS partners to develop and deploy secure digital services including the UK’s first connected electronic Personal Child Health Record (ePCHR), known as the eRedbook.

Sitekit’s ‘Condatis’ division, based in Edinburgh, provides identity and access management (IAM) services to government departments and global corporations.

Campbell’s specialties include: Entrepreneurship, Board Direction, Business Development, Team Building, Mentoring & Coaching.

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