DHI understands that there is very little ‘integrated service model’ innovation activity or funding to yield an outcomes focussed approach for health and social care needs. In response to this, DHI developed and published the concept of Care 4.0 to comprehend how co-managed care models could be more scalable and sustainable. This alternative perspective on the future of care focuses on a more distributed, community-based model that combines technologies such as next generation connectivity, Internet of Things and advances in Artificial Intelligence, with person centred co-design activity to understand how trust and asset building in the community can be supported to enable co-managed care.

Chute and French, 2018

Care 4.0 (Future of Care)

Impact & Value

We engaged with stakeholders across Scotland to produce our Care 4.0 core design framework in order to:

  • Identify and assess enablers for change at scale by application through global commercial/technical ‘lenses’;
  • Inform future DHI Challenges and funding bids;
  • Support DHI 2.0 to ensure technology enabled social care has an equal weighting to health in the DHI challenge portfolio;
  • Better understand how co-managed care can be scalable and sustainable;
  • Disseminate knowledge to policy, health and care stakeholders through a DHI White Paper (Chute, C. and French, T. (2018). Care 4.0: An integrated care paradigm built on Industry 4.0 capabilities.

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The toolset must be able to balance the system’s need for information with a personal need for trust and the ability to connect to informal care circles and communities. It must be able to use any formal or informal assets to help sustain the engagement, care interactions and experiences on a co-managed basis.

Chute and French



This new concept will underpin several DHI projects and high-profile funding bids in our next phase of work. It has helped us to position the DSE to make sure that technology enabled social care has an equal weighting in the DHI portfolio over the next 4 years.

Care 4.0 offers a new care-based perspective on Industry 4.0 capabilities that aims to support integrated, person-centred care. The paradigm provides a way to create more flexible and sustainable interactions that support people to meaningfully engage in their own health and care.

Next steps

Care 4.0 will act as a reference point for DHI and will be upheld as a key principle to ensure that we have a mutually compatible position with our selected partners. Our position paper makes clear to partners the importance of understanding the holistic data set and open innovation for this field.

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